The trials and tribulations of an XR10 Previa in Western Mass.


4 Responses to About

  1. Kurt Hutchison says:

    The Toyota Previa is my favorite minivan ever made. Compared to modern minivans, the Previa’s interior legroom is miles ahead. Not only that, but I have a rare 5 speed example, making it fun to drive. I plan to rebuild the engine and replace the SADs in the coming years, because the previous owner neglected the coolant system (rust). But to me, the unique qualities offered by a Previa that no other minivan can offer today make it a long term Keeper. Please keep yours in good shape, the Previa is from an era long ago that will never come back. I admire your posts about your diligence in maintaining your previa. Keep it up!

  2. Mark Fanous says:

    From your posts it looks like you’re looking for a Previa? I might be selling mine if you like. ’97 with leather and captains chairs, no sunroof and 81xxx miles. I’m in CA though. Van is in great condition

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