The way plans change

“Well maintained”

“Good Tires”


Craigslist is fraught with the hazards of subjective interpretation. Here I am in Houston to check out a 94 RWD S/C with a miraculous 92,000 miles and sadly, not all was as it seemed.

There was a recent oil change, that much is true, but a cursory inspection by me, as well as a more comprehensive inspection by Colony One Auto Center revealed quite a bit amiss.

photo 2

-That awesome rear moonroof had substantial hail damage to the big expensive glass

-The cruise control stalk was unusable since it was taped on

-The tires were so dry rotten I wouldn’t trust them for 20 miles, much less 2000

-Brake fluid, PS fluid, and ATF were jet black and likely original, and the cooling system was filled mostly with water

-Due to a destructive radio theft at some point in the last 20 years, the dashboard had quite a few cracks and ill fitting panels

-The wipers, which on Previas include the windshield sprayers, had been replaced with off spec, worn out units which didn’t have the necessary routing, though that was moot because…

-The pump on the spray bottle was dead too

-The substitute radio (of unknown origin) was shoved into the now vacant hole without being wired or even being secured in place

-All 4 shock absorbers needed replacement

And finally

-The A/C needed a charge

photo 1

These issues weren’t necessarily individual deal breakers, especially in light of the fact that the body really was straight and basically rust free, and the interior was clean, but I needed a car that would survive the drive back home, which wasn’t this van in its current state.

I offered the seller what I felt was reasonable and left me enough to fix/change what was necessary, but that was half their original asking price, and they politely declined. Their original asking price was Blue Book for their van in “excellent” condition, which would be delusional. We were at an impasse.

It was a bummer.

More thoughts tomorrow.


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