A new beginning: #Eggquest

I had a good 2 month streak going there with updates, but I know, it’s been 5 months since then.

The brake issue on the red van became a source of great consternation, and while it was ultimately resolved, it took much longer than I expected. I didn’t want to write an update until that happened though, which meant a whole lot of dead air. Some other issues were addressed though, and I’ll try fitting those into a later update, but this post is coming from Houston, Texas.

Why Texas? Some background:

There is an axiom when buying cars, especially old ones, which says not to buy someone else’s project. When I bought TRO, I didn’t heed this advice.

It does run smoother now, the door opens, and is no longer pleather lined, and the brakes only stop the car when the brake pedal is applied, but it’s still pretty rough around the edges, lowered, and set up with a senselessly loud exhaust.

While none of these things are impossible to fix, it’s a lot of work to do on a van that does still have rust looming throughout (including some previously unnoticed patch jobs by previous owners), and assorted “improvisations” underneath. Now I realize I probably wasn’t the first to make this realization either, more on that in a bit.

In the back of my mind, I thought “I do love driving these vans, but these modifications are wrecking the waftability I know this one was once so good at, and I don’t know if I can deal with the next heartbreak this one has in store.”

One day at work, rocket powered mountain goat Sean McCarthy (above) mentioned that he was looking at new-to-him cars in Texas and said that I should take a look too.

I clicked the Houston CL search box, it autofilled to Previa (smart computer) and I hit enter.

I found an S/C with the rare in New England double moonroofs, and miraculously low mileage. Best of all, being a Texas car, no rust. Also, it’s white, like an egg.

It’s even got the OE LE “Kirby” wheels.

I got a Carfax subscription and confirmed it really has had one owner. I also took the opportunity to check TRO’s history and found it has had at least 6 owners, some for less than 3 months. Groan.

I got in touch with the seller, did some due diligence, and booked a flight.

Now I’m at a TX motel arranging for inspection and collection tomorrow. If all goes according to plan, I’ll buy it and start driving back to MA later that day. Follow the hashtag #eggquest on Twitter and Instagram for updates, and the fastest info.


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