Radiator Part 2

So, where was I?

Oh yes, the radiator on Alpha Previa, herein “The Green One” or “TGO.” After the unceremonious self-destruction of the original and a long, but thankfully mostly AAA covered tow home, I got to work on replacing it with a new one.

I looked on Amazon and ordered something that looked, if not OE level, at least reasonably high quality and well reviewed. It’s lucky I didn’t splurge on the best because as I would find out, my Supercharged van was one connection away from compatibility with this shiny new radiator.


See that place the red line hose goes, under the Power Steering fluid reservoir? Naturally Aspirated Previa radiators don’t have a hole there.

Now you know that.

I hadn’t even considered the possibility that this Toyota Previa radiator wouldn’t fit my Toyota Previa so I wasn’t especially careful unboxing it – more evisceration, really.

As such, I wouldn’t be able to easily return it.

I have too much faith in Toyota’s engineers of the 90s to think there wasn’t a good reason for S/C van specific radiators, but at the time, I was perturbed.

Anyways, I ordered the right radiator and put it in with new hoses. I wish I had more photos for you but it was long enough ago that they would only have existed on my old Motorola which never worked right, even before meeting its moist demise.


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2 Responses to Radiator Part 2

  1. joe says:

    How many hoses are on a Previa radiator? I heard 20. That seems crazy.

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