Torno a te

The internet is littered with the bones of blogs that shriveled of the vine, full of dead links and, worse still, a cliffhanger for their last post. I’ve been guilty of both these things having neglected to post in….14 months (egad!).

I’ve decided I can’t let it just die for a number of reasons, not least of which is that I remembered the login and password to the admin side of the blog.

Work continued on the van, including that radiator I was telling you about. I’ll go in to more detail on that, I swear. Among other things, it got some attention paid to the ABS system, the parking brake, the previously absent windshield washer and more, likely hopeless, efforts toward a cleaner interior, so there’s material for updates, at least as well as I can do from memory.

At some point late last year, I found out the blog has at least one secret admirer who knows where I work, as I got an envelope with  the note “Hey Uri – Keep blogging! #PREVIADIARIES” as well as two stickers, one with my name, or the name of the University in Rhode Island named after me, and one with “PR” on a Puerto Rican flag. With equal parts flattery and confusion, it spurned me into resuscitating “the diaries”

photo (3)


I got more exciting news when I found out fast bike guy and general good dude Joey “Dirtybird” Clemenzi is joining the fold with an N/A TCR10 of his own.

Finally, the most exciting thing of all, and the biggest reason for the return is the addition of a second Previa to the fleet, this time a TCR20 with All-Trac all wheel drive and the twin swiveling captains chairs in the middle. Sadly it lacks the twin sunroofs, but I’ve heard those leak eventually, which I’ll keep telling myself as I look up at the non-hole in my solid roof.


Immediately, you probably noticed a few visual “enhancements” on this van, and I’ll get to that at a later post, as well as the reason I’ve gotten Previa #2, but the main point is this, the blog’s undead, undead, undead.



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